Monday, April 4, 2011


So what are we really entitled to. Because now days it seems like we should have everything our heart desires. I admit that it would be nice to drive the hottest car, live in a big custom home, have my closet full of the latest styles and have money never be an issue. Lets be honest money does not make life happier just easier to some degree.
But here is the thing we are really not entitled to anything. Everything takes work. Raising the children, being married, staying in shape, cooking a healthy meal,keeping up on what is going on in the world, being a good friend,and the list could go on.
So here is what I have been thinking a lot about. This last weeekend Jeremy and I cleaned out another garage. It took us from 9:30 - 5:00 to finish. It was work but it was well worth the final result. Now everyday I go to get in my car and walk in the garage it makes me HAPPY. Then on Sunday I got to have my family and some of my brothers and sisters over. We made dinner together, feasted on the words of our leaders,and spent time in the service of one another. When night came around I got to give my kids loves and kisses to put them to bed. I love lovin on these kids.
So here is what I am entitled to: I am entitled to work hard so I can feel and see the sweet rewards that work can bring, I am entitled to serve others because there is no greater joy that can be found then in the "service of your fellow beings" and I am entitled to love much because that is what life is all about.
So entitled, I am really not entitled to anything but a chance to work hard, serve others and love everyone, so maybe one day I can return to live with my Savior again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You know when you are getting older when you walk to the garage to find something you need and the minute you open the door you have no idea what you went there for. Or when you walk to the kids room to put back something and walk out with something else and the thing you were suppose to put back is still in your hands.

I would not worry about these forgetful thoughts if they did not happen everyday multiple times. I am only 34 I thought things like this happened when you were 50. I think I need to invest in some memory enhancers NATURAL drug. The reason I am writing this post is because less than an hour ago I put my 2 year old to bed and as I laid there I thought, I have not updated the blog for awhile. So I thought all about what I wanted to write and how I was going to say it. But here is where it went bye bye.
I walked out of the bedroom to the computer but then remembered that Kenzie math homework needed correcting, dinner needed to be cleaned up, 3 text to answer,a brother that showed up to visit, and family home evening to think about.
So needless to say I have no idea what I was going to write about and I am not kidding. I can not even remotely remember what it was about. Multi-tasking use to be my thing but I think I am starting to question that strength. I am sure I will remember at 2 in the morning as I lay awake because I have had 4 kids and I do not know if I will ever have a normal night of sleep again.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I love Sundays!

Why are Sundays so wonderful? Let me count the ways. It starts in the morning I feel no pressure Sunday morning. I do not have to get up to exercise (which usually begins at 5:30 am), no lunch to make for the kids, no where to be until 11:30 (church),I can cook my kids favorite breakfast velvet crumb cake, can lay in bed with my sweet husband and talk, love when the kids all come in to get in bed with us, love to watch Jeremy play and make the kids laugh. These are just the morning reasons why I love Sunday.
In the afternoon I get to attend church where all my children are fed spiritually while I get to have rare moments of truly diving into the scriptures. I love my gospel doctrine teacher; he helps build my testimony each week. I also love to attend relief society and see the incredible woman who love the Lord more than anything. Not to mention all the beautiful music we get to sing. There is something about a whole congregation singing praises to our Savior.
Then home to make dinner. A good dinner where we try to make something new and different. These last two months I have had the blessing of living with my parents. I know I am 34 living with my parents, we will leave that for another blog. But I have loved making Sunday dinner with my parents and the gospel discussions that we get to enjoy. Sunday dinners have fed me both temporally and spiritually . Then the feast, because Sunday is the day that food has no calories and I get to make my favorite chocolate chip cookies.
Now time for games or movies with the family. Tonight we had family home evening and played concentration with the kids. After that is was on to Mormon messages. I think I am going to make this a Sunday tradition. The kids loved them and we watched them for about 45 minutes. Now I am getting to spend some quality time with my hubby before the busy weeks starts all over again.
The Lord knew we would need a day of rest. I love my Savior and with each passing day I see how he blesses my life with simple things like a Sunday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



So two weeks ago actually 17 days ago Addie got up in the middle of the night because she needed to throw up. She was laying next to us, her usually sleeping spot, sat up and said I am going to throw up. Jeremy jumped out of bed and ran her to the toilet ( i did not even know he was awake). Just in time, she threw up about 6 times. It also happened to be out anniversary HAAPY ANNIVERSARY TO US. Next day Kenzie fell asleep on me in church, never happens. Another one bites the dust. 6 days later they are finally looking alive. That was Sunday night, Addie starts complaining about her ear. Away to the minute clinic we go, the second time in to weeks for her ears. Slam dunk swimmers ear and an ear infection. Z-pack for the next week. Everyone a little sluggish but living. Saturday night Berlynn throws up. Oh No here we go again. Sunday miss church and by Monday night Addie is trowing up again. Monday night Jeremy puts on long sleeve shirt, a blanket and turns on the fire. Never happens,Tuesday morning misses work for the frost time in 13 years of marriage never happens. Addie, Berlynn and Dad all need moms constant care. Tuesday night mom feels like crud, i know it is coming. Who is going to take care of all the sickies? By now I want to tear my eyes out and take my head off because it is so full of gunk. Please say this is the 24 hour flu. This mom can not be sick any longer than that. I just wanted to leave myself a reminder of why I hate being sick.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disneyland in the Rain!!

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So last night I came up with this novel idea to go to Disneyland in the rain. I thought maybe it would not be crowded because it was raining. NOT I swear what the heck, you would never know we are in a recession if you saw Disneyland on a Friday night in the rain. At 8:45 my kids decided they wanted to ride BIG THUNDER and at 8:50 it was pouring rain. So we had the long walk back to the car. Because we are Meldrums (part Pugmire too) we always walk the half mile instead of take the tram (the tram is always a long line).
As I watched my 11 year old push my 5 year old in the stroller. My husband carry my 8 year old because she was so wet she could barley walk, not to mention when she wore her hood she kept running into things. I carried the 2 year old, who would pull her rain coat over her head and look and me every once in awhile and say mommy you getting wet. Who do you think enjoyed the walk the most?
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As you can see Addie fell asleep in the pouring rain as Dawson ran with her in the stroller. And that's right her rain coat is a black trash bag that worked like a charm. Berlynn on the other hand ran with me in my arms and as you can see from first picture it had been a long night.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Love to Be Married

HaPpY to be MaRrIeD

This last month my Hubby and I celebrated 13 years together. I am so grateful I never have to go back to the dating world. The games, wondering when he will call, wondering if he really is just dating you, and the list could go on but why!!
Here are the pros to being married:

You get to have one of these (a family)

He loves you even when you look like this

He takes a REAL interest in what you love to do:

He loves you when you cry over nothing, he can make you laugh when you want to cry.
He is the dad you dreamed your kids would have,
he knows the true meaning of princess and how to treat you like one.

He works hard for you and your kids and he loves the Lord more than anything in the world.

These are just some of the reasons I never want to go back to the single world again. I am very grateful that I have eternity to spend with my
BEST Friend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So how come I can never keep up with this blogging thing!! The blogging world is crazy and I am such a virgin to it.
We had a great weekend. Family is what it is ALL about. I love getting together with my brothers and sisters. All we do is laugh. This brings me to my dilemma SHOULD I HAVE A 5TH KID?????? I know really this is a husband and wife decision but I am to emotional to decided. I know 4 kids is a good number but 5 might be better. At least that is what the pencil said.
I am trying to decide if I really want to go back to the endless sleepless nights and if I really have enough energy to do it. My problem is I see a lot of pros and not enough cons. It is all about delayed gratification because when we all get together I love that there are 5 of us and would not care if there were more. The world is such crazy place right now protesting every where, unrest in the world, people living in poverty, and a corrupt government that would rather stick their heads in the sand (Wisconsin) than face the music. And you know the sad thing, I live in a Mormon Bubble.

Should this mormon bubble add one more to this world of chaos????